Here are links to various Humanist websites (in no particular order) as well as other sites of interest. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) more out there, but huge lists of links tend to become tiresome and unmanageable. We encourage you to take these as a small sampling of what's out there and start surfing...

Humanist-Specific Sites

Humanist Canada
Ontario Humanist Society
International Humanist and Ethical Union
Institute for Humanist Studies
American Humanist Association
Council for Secular Humanism
Humanist Association of Toronto
The Humanist Net -
Lots of links to additional Humanist information

Society for Secular Humanists in Calgary
BC Humanist Association

General Atheism

Richard Dawkins
Sam Harris
Center for Inquiry - Canada
Northern Ontario Skeptics Society
Free Thought Action -
an American pro-atheism site

Positive Atheism
Grey Bruce Humanists
Grey, Bruce, Owen Sound - Ontario, Canada