What is Humanism?

Humanism is a non-religious ethical philosophy, a way of life and a way of thinking, that involves adherence to strong ethics, an emphasis on human rights, and respect for the Earth and its creatures. A humanist works toward creating a more humane and responsible world, with a commitment to reason and compassion.
We continue to nurture our organization because we recognize that our members enjoy the company of like-minded people, in a stimulating and social setting. We understand that the success of religion rests partially on its creating a sense of affiliation, belonging and community. We want our members to enjoy the same privileges.


Goal: Humanists seek a just and caring society that values well being, eases suffering, promotes human rights and protects the environment.


1. We value reason, ingenuity, imagination and creativity in all human activities.
2. The evolving methods of science are the surest path to knowledge of the empirical world.
3. We accept that our knowledge and beliefs are always subject to change.
4. Our species is part of an interdependent world.
5. Individuals have choices and are responsible for the choices they make.
6. God, and other forms of supernatural power, do not exist.
7. There is no life after death.

Grey Bruce Humanists  - Operating Principles

1. Humanists encourage discussion and seek the understanding of different points of view.
2. Humanists welcome members from diverse backgrounds, who share our principles.

Grey Bruce Humanists
Grey, Bruce, Owen Sound - Ontario, Canada